Hopper’s painting, Nighthawks, evokes a sense of tranquility. This mood is created by the few patrons seen in the restaurant, and the immense light radiating throughout the image. In fact, the venue seems to be the only place opened, and its light illuminates the sidewalk. Thus, the painting creates a clean and purified portrait of city life.

            Experience in an urban city like Manhattan will inspire me, if I were a painter, to create such a painting, because the ‘true’ image of Manhattan is crowded, and far from clean. The painter in this image may have been experiencing the chaos brought by technologies like electricity, which would have caused for later shop hours, over populated streets, and pollution. Hence, in order to escape the realities of progression that we would rather ignore, Hopper creates an image that represents an escape from urban chaos, while still maintaining urban appearance. Instead of giving us an image of the suburbs, and painting a traditional pastoral scene, Hopper creates an image that provides the illusion of cleanliness, order, and progress in the new city landscapes coming to being.

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